How to Submit

The basis for the pieces in this collection comes from the wonderful educator and artist Lynda Barry.

To contribute to Library Art Stories:

  • Number a page from one to ten
  • Relax your whole body from top to bottom and say the alphabet to yourself or something else you have memorized and think back to early days in your life….
  • The word for this exercise is "Library." Write down the first ten images… sort of like snapshots…. that come to you from the word "Library"
  • Read the list over
  • Circle one that seems vivid or has trouble in it and write it on a clean sheet of paper like it was a title to a story and then draw a big X on the page.

NOW start the video.

When the video finishes, draw or paint a picture of the image you wrote about. Please take a photo of your pieces and send them to 

Thank you, Professor Lynda.