Summertime and the library's busy

It's just a given in public libraries: summer is going to be a busy time. And that's okay. Last week saw the final activity for our school-age summer program (a field trip to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery!) and our activities for young adults wraps up next week with our Murder Mystery night. 

Click on the images to see a slideshow of some of our library activities this summer.

This summer was my first for coordinating our school-age programs. I'd coordinated one summer library program before at another small town library, but the program I inherited at my current library is much more intensive and hands-on (in previous years it was coordinated by a kindergarten teacher). Valuable lessons were learned, such as:

  • Next year, let's split up the age groups instead of planning all activities for the K-5th grade range! 
  • More volunteers! More volunteers! More volunteers!
  • Never assume that just because you don't have a lot of programs going on in May, that that month will be available to you as a "prepare for summer" block of time. School visits, communicating with guest presenters, supply shopping, community events, etc. will dominate your schedule.
  • No more in-person signup days. Let's move that puppy online.

A major priority for me over the next year will be to bring our summer reading program and our summer activities under the same umbrella. A session at ALA in June reminded me that the time to do that type of planning is, like, September - gulp!