Movers & Makers: the first month

The new toddler/preschool program that I've been working on, Movers & Makers, is merrily making its way into its second month of existence. We're having a lot of fun and also constantly making small adjustments to help everything run smoothly. We're getting a great response to the program so far, which is wonderful and also poses some challenges (we are very tight on space, and our groups are getting pretty sizable! Good problem to have of course). We've hit upon a pretty good template that we're only changing up slightly each week. The kids really like our activities and are picking up on the games and songs quickly. 

Here's a few photos from a stamping project we did a few weeks ago. I was a little nervous about introducing paint into a crowded program, but the kids did really well with it; we had one blob make it onto the floor but otherwise any "extra" went onto the tabletops which were easily wiped down afterward.